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 The Horizontal and Vertical Value Pickers can be used to simulate an interactive "barrel" style picker as seen on the iPhone.

Key Features

An iPhone Value Picker iBloc adds the following capabilities to an iRise simulation:

  • Insert and easily configure a barrel-style value picker widget in your simulations.
  • Leverage the On Selection Change and On blur custom triggers.

Before you start

  • Download the

    iPhone Content Kit

    to leverage a wide variety of graphical content in your iPhone simulations (iRise 8.8 required).
  • When building a simulation for an iPhone application, try to get your hands on an actual iPhone to get a feel for how applications work on the physical device. This will help guide the behaviors and interactions you build in your simulation.
  • If you are not familiar with designing iOS applications,

    do a little research do a little research

    before attempting to build an iPhone simulation.

Usage Tips

  • Although the width and height of these iBlocs can be modified in Studio, these properties are ignored when the iBlocs are rendered in the browser. The dimensions of the iBloc in the browser will always be the default values indicated in the "Special Properties" table on this page.
  • In simulation, the Target widget you specify when configuring the iBloc will be updated automatically when the reviewer changes the value in the iBloc. There is no need to submit data to see the change.
  • Use the custom On blur event trigger to hide the iBloc automatically when focus is shifted to another widget.
  • Use the custom On Selection Change event trigger to invoke navigation or page actions.
  • You can set the value for Selected Option dynamically using the Set Value iBloc or from data values sent to the iBloc from the Canvas.
  • Easily switch between iOS6 and iOS7 style with the Theme setting.

Basic Usage

  1. Drag the appropriate iPhone Value Picker iBloc (Vertical or Horizontal) to a page.
  2. In the Properties Panel, click the Chooser button in the Options field. The Editor box appears.
  3. Enter the selection items you want to appear in the Value Picker iBloc, clicking the +Add link to create new rows in the table. Click Done when you are finished adding items.
  4. (Optional) Enter a value in the Selected Option field. Values entered into this field must match one of the items added to the Options field.
  5. Click the chooser button in the Target widget field. The Select Widget box appears.
  6. Choose one of the widgets displayed in the Select Widget box and click OK.
  7. Choose one of the options in the Selection indicator field.
  8. Modify the formatting attributes of the iBloc to meet the needs of your simulation.

In simulation, the reviewer can select a new value by clicking the different values displayed on the wheel. Clicking and dragging will allow the reviewer to "spin" the wheel. When a new value is chosen, the change will instantaneously appear in the Target widget.

Known Limitations
  • None at this time.
iBloc Details

Type: Action
Latest Version: 3.2 Horizontal and 3.6 Vertical
Supported By: iRise

iBloc Version

Minimum Studio Version

Supported Browsers

3.2 & 3.6


IE8, IE9 and IE10, Firefox 22, Chrome 30, Safari 5.1.7


Special Properties



Expects / Produces


Normally used to set the dimensions of a widget, these attributes have no effect in simulation for this iBloc.

Will accept any positive integer in Studio, but always defaults in simulation to 320x180 for the Vertical Time Picker, and 480 x 150 for Horizontal.


Choose iOS6 or iOS7 style

Selection from the available options.


Specifies the selections items that will appear on the Value Picker iBloc.

Text strings.

Selected Option

Specifies the value that will be assigned both to the iBloc and to the widget selected in the Target widget field. When left empty, defaults to one of the values in the Options field.

Text string that matches one of the values created in the Options field.

Target widget

Links the Value Picker iBloc to a widget on the page. The default value of the iBloc will appear in the Target widget on page load. A built-in On Selection Change event automatically changes the value of the Target widget when a new value is selected using the iBloc.

Selection from the available widgets on the page.

Note: To associate a data field with one of the properties listed above, click the small square to the right of the property field. The Set Property dialog will allow you to select a data field currently flowing into the widget.

Support and Feedback

People-Powered Customer Service for iRise

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