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  The iOS Button iBloc can be used to quickly and easily simulate a typical button in an iOS navigation bar.  You can customize both the shape of the button and its label, as well as its color.

Key Features

An iOS Button iBloc adds the following capabilities to an iRise simulation:

  • Insert and easily configure a typical iOS navigation button in your simulations.
  • Customize the appearance of the button to provide visual cues as to its purpose.
  • Choose between iOS6 and iOS7 styles

Before you start

  • Download the iPhone Content Kit to leverage a wide variety of graphical content in your iPhone simulations (iRise 8.9 required).
  • When building a simulation for an iPhone application, try to get your hands on an actual iPhone to get a feel for how applications work on the physical device. This will help guide the behaviors and interactions you build in your simulation.
  • If you are not familiar with designing iOS applications, do a little research before attempting to build an iPhone simulation.

Usage Tips

  • Although the width and height of these iBlocs can be modified in Studio, these properties are ignored when the iBlocs are rendered in the browser. The dimensions of the iBloc in the browser will always be the default values indicated in the "Special Properties" table on this page.
  • This type of button nearly always appears in an application's navigation bar, so you might want to import a navigation bar component from the iPhone or iPad Mobile Content iDoc. Alternatively, you can simply create a Section with a dark background and dimensions of 320 x 44 pixels to serve as your navigation bar.

Basic Usage

  1. Drag the iOS Button iBloc onto a page (preferably inside a Section that will serve as a navigation bar – see "Usage Tips" above).
  2. In the Properties panel, enter a button label in the Label field.
  3. Choose a button type from the Type drop-down list.
  4. Choose a color for your button in the Color field.
  5. Connect the iBloc to a standard Link widget or other Canvas widget to trigger the desired event.
  6. Select iOS6 or iOS7 using the Property Set switcher  
Known Limitations
  • None

iBloc Details

Type: Action
Latest Version: 2.8
Supported By: iRise

iBloc Version Minimum Studio Version Supported Browsers
2.8 8.12 IE8, IE9 and IE10, Firefox 22, Chrome 30, Safari 5.1.7

Special Properties

Expects / Produces
Width/Height Normally used to set the dimensions of a widget, these attributes have no effect in simulation for this iBloc. Will accept any positive integer in Studio, but the height always defaults in simulation to 31 pixels, and the width is determined by the value of the Label field.
Label Specifies the text label for the button. Text string.
Type Specifies the shape and appearance of the button. Selection from the available options.
Chevron color Allows selection of 4 different standard iOS7 colors Selection from the available options.
Font color Allows user to over-ride the pre-selected values that match the currently selected options Selection from the available options.

Note: To associate a data field with one of the properties listed above, click the small square to the right of the property field. The Set Property dialog will allow you to select a data field currently flowing into the widget.

Support and Feedback

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