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Welcome to the iBloc Library. Here you can find details about a growing number of iBlocs created by the iRise team. You can also use this space to comment on iBlocs, to ask questions, and to provide suggestions to iBloc authors.

iBlocs™, now available with iRise 8.5, are powerful, functionally rich, reusable UI components and behaviors that enable the creation of visualizations ten times faster than before. Using iBlocs, complex UI behaviors and business logic can now be visualized in seconds, making iRise accessible to a much wider range of user skill sets.

iBlocs enable visualization authors to assemble in seconds visualizations that contain complex behaviors. For the novice user, they offer a path to rapid learning and the capability to build visualizations quickly and simply. For the more seasoned user, they provide reusable components that promote best practices.

Importing iBlocs

An iBloc file is really a package containing all of the files necessary to import and use the custom widget or action in iRise Studio. A growing set of iBlocs developed by iRise and our partners can be accessed from the iRise iBloc library.

Regardless of the source, after acquiring an iBloc, the Studio user places it in the iBloc folder on their hard drive. The Studio client monitors this folder, and automatically adds the custom widget or action to the Widget Panel when the new iBloc is detected.

To import an iBloc and make the associated custom widget or action available in Studio, follow these steps:

  1. Place the iBloc in the following folder on your hard drive:
    • In Windows Vista or 7: Username\Documents\iRise\iBlocs
    • In Windows XP: Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\iRise\iBlocs
  2. If it is not already open, start iRise Studio.
  3. In Simulation View in Studio, open the Widget Panel by choosing View > Widget Panel or by pressing F8 on your keyboard.
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