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  This iBloc allows you to draw a rounded rectangle. The widget's properties allow you to control the corner radius, border color, background and more.

Key Features

A Rounded Rectangle widget adds the following capabilities to an iRise simulation:

  • Easy creation of a rounded rectangle without resorting to the workarounds that were necessary in earlier versions of iRise.
  • Numerous formatting options for the rounded rectangle, including background and border colors, border thickness, opacity, and the ability to define each corner radius independently of the others.
iBloc Details

Type: Widget
Latest Version: 1.2
Supported By: iRise
Samples: Rounded Rectangle 1.0 (8.5), Rounded Rectangle 1.1 (v8.7), Rounded Rectangle 1.2.idoc (v8.7)

iBloc Version

Studio Versions

Supported Browsers


8.5, 8.6






8.7, 8.8

IE7, IE8, Firefox v3.5, Safari v4, Chrome v8

Usage Tips 

  • Leverage the ability to set a different corner radius for each corner to create tabs and other useful shapes.
  • Create a circle by setting an equal width and height for the widget, and then setting a sufficiently high corner radius (this value will depend on the widget's dimensions).
  • Consider using the Rounded Rectangle widget for annotation purposes. A Rounded Rectangle with an Opacity of 50-80% can be used quite effectively to highlight portions of a page.  
  • Don't forget to test your page in iRise Reader often to see the effects of any changes you make to the widget's properties.

Special Properties



Expects / Produces


Tags a widget with a name that is referenced in Studio. It is never displayed in the browser.



Determines whether the widget is hidden in the browser by default (same as Hide in Browser for standard widgets).

Boolean value (true or false).

Background Color

Specifies the background color for the rectangle.

A hexadecimal RGB value.

Border Color

Specifies a color for the rectangle's borders.

A hexadecimal RGB value.

Border Width

Specifies the width in pixels of the rectangle's borders. Note that border thickness increases inward from the outside edge of the rectangle.

Any non-negative integer.

Corner Radius

Specifies the radius for rounded corners in the rectangle. 0 designates square corners. To set a radius for each corner independently, select Individual Corners in the properties drop-down menu. Values entered into these fields will override any value entered into the Corner Radius (all four) field.

0 (for square corners) or any positive integer (defaults to 5).

Opacity (%)

Determines the opacity of the rectangle, from fully transparent (0%) to fully opaque (100%).

Any integer from 0 to 100.

Note: To associate a data field with one of the properties listed above, click the small square to the right of the property field. The Set Property dialog will allow you to select a data field currently flowing into the widget.

Basic Usage

  1. Drag a Rounded Rectangle widget to the page.
  2. Configure the widget's properties in the Properties panel to meet the needs of your simulation.

Known Limitations
  • For version 1.0 of this iBloc, Internet Explorer must be run in compatibility mode to render rounded corners properly.
  • The appearance of the Rounded Rectangle widget does not change in Studio. To see the effects of any changes you make to the widget properties in Studio, launch the page in iRise Reader.

Support and Feedback

People-Powered Customer Service for iRise

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