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  This iBloc gives you the ability to include raw HTML on a page in your simulation.

Key Features

An HTML Snippet widget adds the following capabilities to an iRise simulation:

  • Type or paste HTML code directly into the iBloc properties so it will be rendered on your page.

Special Properties



Expects / Produces


Tags a widget with a name that is referenced in Studio. It is never displayed in the browser.



Determines whether the widget is hidden in the browser by default (same as Hide in Browser for standard widgets).

Boolean value (true or false).

HTML Snippet

Expanding the HTML Snippet field reveals a text box in which you can type or paste HTML code.

Properly formatted HTML code.


Enabling this feature will override the values of the Width and Height fields and use the contents of the HTML Snippet field to determine the dimensions of the iBloc when displayed on the page.

Boolean (enabled or disabled)

Note: To associate a data field with one of the properties listed above, click the small square to the right of the property field. The Set Property dialog will allow you to select a data field currently flowing into the iBloc.

Known Limitations
  • The appearance of the HTML Snippet widget does not change in Studio. To see the effects of any changes you make to the widget's properties in Studio, launch the page in iRise Reader.
  • Currently, iBlocs will not function properly in data rows or Tile Lists; therefore, only one data value can be sent to and displayed by the widget.
  • Some common HTML tags might not render as expected in the browser.
iBloc Details

Type: Widget
Latest Verison: 1.2
Supported By: iRise
Sample: HTML Snippet 1.2.idoc (8.7)

iBloc Version

Studio Versions

Supported Browsers


8.7, 8.8

IE7, IE8, Firefox v3.5, Safari v4, Chrome v8


8.7, 8.8

IE7, IE8, Firefox v3.5, Safari v4, Chrome v8

Usage Tips 

  • The HTML Snippet iBloc can be used effectively to display embed code from web applications such as YouTube.
Basic Usage
  1. Drag an HTML Snippet iBloc to the page.
  2. In the Properties panel, expand the HTML Snippet field to reveal the text box.
  3. Type or paste raw HTML code into the text box, and click OK.

When you launch the page in the Reader, the HTML code will be rendered by your browser.

Support and Feedback

People-Powered Customer Service for iRise

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