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  This iBloc is an action that allows you to enable or disable various page widgets.

Key Features

An Enable or Disable action adds the following capabilities to an iRise simulation:

  • Ability to enable or disable one or more User Input widgets (including certain iBlocs) without invoking a page refresh, and using a variety of triggers

Usage Tips 

  • The Enable or Disable action can be used to change the enabled state for multiple User Input widgets simultaneously.
  • Invoking a page refresh either directly or with a Submit Form action will reset the User Inputs to their default state.
Basic Usage
  1. Drag a Enable or Disable action to the canvas.
  2. In the Properties panel, click the chooser button in the Target widget field. The Editor pop-up window appears.
  3. Click the chooser button in the first row. The Select Widget pop-up window appears.
  4. Select a User Input widget and click OK.
  5. To add additional target widgets, click the +Add link and repeat steps 3-4.
  6. Click Done.
  7. Choose an option in the Action field.
  8. Create an event to trigger the Set Z-order action.


In the example above, when the reviewer clicks the Enable/Disable button, the Enable or Disable action will change the enabled state of each of the four User Input widgets (assuming Toggle was selected in the Action field).

iBloc Details

Type: Action
Supported By: iRise
Latest version: 1.1
Samples: enable_disable.idoc, Enable Disable 1.1.idoc

iBloc Version

Studio Versions

Supported Browsers


8.5, 8.6, 8.7



8.7, 8.8

IE7, IE8, Firefox v3.5, Safari v4, Chrome v8

Special Properties



Expects / Produces


Invokes a delay (in milliseconds) before the action fires after it is triggered by the reviewer.

0 or any positive integer (defaults to 0).

Target widget

Links the Enable or Disable action to one or more User Input widgets on the page.

Selection (from the available widgets on the page).


Specifies whether the action will enable or disable the target widget(s), or both (Toggle).

Selection (Enable, Disable or Toggle).

Support and Feedback

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