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  This iBloc allows you to include a text input field on a page that provides suggestions based on the characters typed.

Key Features

An Auto-suggest Input widget adds the following capabilities to an iRise simulation:

  • Easy creation of a Text Input that will offer suggestions to reviewers as they type.
  • A number of formatting options for the widget, including width, height, and font attributes.
  • The ability to feed values into the auto-suggest Options field from a Datasheet.
  • The ability to configure the widget so that typed text that matches any portion of one of the auto-suggest options will invoke the suggestion.
  • A unique event trigger called On Value Change that fires when the widget's value changes.

Usage Tips 

  • The Auto-suggest Input widget is very easy to use, and has many applications. Consider using the Auto-suggest Input widget in place of a standard Text Input widget in any scenario in which auto-suggested input will improve the usability of the target application.
  • To work correctly, the widget needs a set of values from which the auto-suggestions will be drawn. You can add these values manually in the Options field, or you can use a Datasheet to populate the Options field dynamically (see the sample iDoc for an example).
  • The Match attribute specifies whether the characters typed by the reviewer must be at the beginning of one of the text strings specified in the Options field, or can be anywhere in the text string.
  • Don't forget to test your page in iRise Reader often to see the effects of any changes you make to the widget's properties.

Basic Usage

  1. Drag an Auto-suggest Input widget to the page.
  2. Configure the widget's properties in the Properties panel to meet the needs of your simulation.

When a reviewer types text into the Auto-suggest Input widget, suggestions will appear beneath the widget if the typed text matches any of the values contained in the Options field (or being fed into the Options field from a Datasheet). Typing more characters narrows down the suggestions. A selection can be made from the suggested options using either the mouse or the keyboard.

Known Limitations
  • None.
iBloc Details

Type: Widget
Latest Version: 1.1
Supported By: iRise
Sample: Auto-suggest Input.idoc (v8.7)

iBloc Version

Studio Versions

Supported Browsers


8.7, 8.8

IE7, IE8, Firefox v3.5, Safari v4, Chrome v8

Special Properties



Expects / Produces


Specifies the list of options presented for auto-suggest.

Text strings.


Specifies a default value to be displayed in the widget.

A text string.


Specifies whether the characters typed in the widget can appear anywhere in one of the auto-suggest options to invoke that option, or must appear at the beginning of the text string.

Selection (Anywhere or Beginning).

Note: To associate a data field with one of the properties listed above, click the small square to the right of the property field. The Set Property dialog will allow you to select a data field currently flowing into the widget.

Support and Feedback

People-Powered Customer Service for iRise

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